Short-Term Rentals in Summit County

Are you a homeowner in Summit County who also rents their mountain property (or even just a room in your mountain property) on a short-term basis?  Short-term means less than 30 days.  If so – then continue reading as these new regulations apply to YOU!!!

If you rent your Summit County property on a short-term basis, then you need to be aware of new regulations for these rentals.  The county (unincorporated Summit County) and each of the towns (Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco, Silverthorne, and Blue River) have implemented new short-term lodging regulations and taxes.  Every individual short-term unit requires its own permit.  There will also be a complaint hotline that residents can call to voice complaints about short-term rentals (and their tenants).  Owners of short-term rentals will need to respond within 60 minutes to any call.

The purpose behind this move is to maintain some control over the short-term rental industry, especially those created by web-based lodging programs such as VRBO and AirBnb.  Many local residents have complained about the impact that vacationers have had on their neighborhood as well as safety concerns and potential building code violations.  To see how your property and rental business may be affected, please check out the following websites for the location of your property:

Summit County (unincorporated includes Wildernest & Keystone)

Blue River





Editorial comment by Debbie:  Unfortunately, our small county cannot figure out how to work together and come up with the same regulations for each town/county – so, if you have a rental property in Breckenridge and another one in Silverthorne, be sure to read BOTH towns’ regulations – as they are different!!

If you have questions, they are best directed to the town/county where you own your property, however, if I can help you decipher this in any way, please let me know.

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