Selling your home is the largest business transaction most of us will ever make. With such high stakes and so many important steps, it’s important to do it right. That’s where we come in. We are committed to guiding you at each step of the home-selling process to ensure that you get every dollar’s worth for your valued property. Our expertise, resources, and diligence help to ensure that the selling process is as seamless and profitable for you as possible.

Why List with Us

When you list your property with us you can rest assured that it will be seen and marketed to as many people as possible until a buyer is found. We incorporate a wide variety of marketing techniques and avenues to ensure that the right person is found for your home.

Professional Photography

Over 90% of buyers look at the internet before contacting a broker, so it is VERY important that your home stands out among the rest. We bring in a professional photographer to take beautiful shots of all aspects of your home. These are then included on everything from the MLS and our website, to flyers and newsletters.

Drone Video & Aerial Photography

Recently licensed to fly for business use, we now have the ability to take stunning 4K video and high definition aerial pictures of your property. This is not shows off your property’s setting and its’s views, but is also very eye catching and an effective way at reaching more people through their online searches.

Summit MLS & RE Colorado

We will display, with your permission, your property in our local Summit County Multiple Listings Service, as well as the RE Colorado MLS, which services the rest of the state of Colorado. This is a very effective tool to reach other brokers in these areas who may have a potential buyer for your home.


At OUR expense, we will arrange a staging consultation for your home. This consultation will provide you with recommendations for furniture arrangement and other ideas to help your home stand out among the others on the market.

 Facebook & Other Social Media

Utilizing the newest and one of the most effective marketing sources currently available, we will create a Social Media Ad, primarily focused on Facebook, to specifically show off your property and it’s features. We monitor the placement and effectiveness of the ad, and depending on where it is viewed the most, will adjust the delivery of it to the most effective social media outlet, which could also include Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

Single Listing Website

We will create your property’s own Single Listing Website, where all the information and pictures are dedicated solely to your property. This, incorporated with our Facebook Traffic Ads, will drive the maximum amount of people to your property’s website, resulting in the highest possible exposure to the online market.

Our Website

We will include your property in our Featured Listings Page on our personal website. This will include a professional description and the professional photos to show off your property. It will also be rotated in as our “FEATURED LISTING” on our home page, so it will be seen by anyone who first visits the website.

Open House

An open house will be conducted for your property at least 1 time per month (with your permission). Your property will also be included in a broker open house to showcase your property to other licensed brokers in the area.

Color Brochure

A full-color brochure will be developed for your property and will be placed at the property.

Direct Mailings

A direct marketing mailing will be sent to owners in your subdivision and to other appropriate projects/subdivisions. Over 1,600 mailers will be sent.

 Print Advertising

Your property will be advertised in Mountain Homes Illustrated and Summit Daily Classifieds.


General Tips for Preparing Your Home:

First impressions matter! The correct staging of your home can go a long way toward achieving a successful sale at the highest price. Even minor alterations can have a major impact. Here are a few general guidelines that can help transform your home and ensure you to get top-dollar.

  • Start from the outside: A well-kept lawn can help secure a strong first-impression for your home. A day or two of yard work can mean a world of difference in the buyer’s mind. A clean lawn and well-groomed landscape will help bring in prospective buyers from the beginning.
  • The front door welcomes the prospect: Doorways and entrances are usually the first thing a visitor sees inside of your home. Step outside your front door and take an objective view. A fresh coat of paint or scrubbing your door clean will be well worth the effort invested. A seasonal door decoration can instantly give your home a warm, inviting feel.
  • Highlight your home: Ample lighting will project a feeling of warmth to the potential buyers. Clean windows will also help illuminate walls and ceilings.
  • Clean kitchens and sparkling bathrooms help sell homes: Be sure these rooms are gleaming! Counter tops should be clean and free of clutter. Repair caulking in bathtubs and showers. Fixtures should always be polished. Putting out fresh towels is a nice touch.
  • A place for everything: Make sure beds are made and clothing is put away. Neat, well-organized closets show that there is ample storage space. Straightening newspapers, magazines or other “homey clutter” will help improve your home’s image to buyers.
  • Check for repairs: Minor flaws in your home suggest neglect to the prospect. Be sure to clean and check major appliances. If a potential buyer can find a minor defect in a house, he or she will often assume there are more serious underlying issues.
  • Last, relax and have fun! Once a showing is scheduled, try to make plans for lunch or to visit a friend. Having homeowners milling around will often make prospective buyers feel uncomfortable and hurry through a showing. So, relax, and let me do my job to showcase your beautiful home.

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