Summit County Colorado Market Analysis through April 2012

Land Title Guarantee Company has provided me with an up-to-date Market Analysis for Summit County Colorado Real Estate.  You can view the report in its entirety at Market Analysis Report through April 2012.  Probably the thing that stands out most is that our current prices reflect what prices were in Summit County in 2006. 

Some Notable Highlights for this April 2012 report:

  • The Summit County Gross Real Estate Volume Graph shows that April 2012 gross volume for all transactions was $52,777,200 which is the best month so far in 2012!
  • The Market Analysis by Area for April shows that Breckenridge, Keystone and Silverthorne were the most active areas in April.  The Median Residential Price for all of Summit County was $399,000 with the Average Residential Price per Square Foot at $286.
  • In the Market Snapshot YTD report you will see that we are still very comparable to 2011.  We are still seeing an increased number of sales but not as much gross volume – indicating that the pricing is still not stable.  2012 is still fairly flat.  The Median Price for Single Family homes from 2011 to 2012 (YTD) stays up at 1% ($583,750 in 2011 vs. $590,000 in 2012 YTD).  The Median Price for Multi-Family from 2011 to 2012 YTD is up 7% ($305,000 in 2011 vs. $325,000 in 2012 YTD) and the Median Residential Land price is up by 16% ($175,000 in 2011 vs. $202,500 in 2012 YTD).  Vacant Land is making a comeback!!
  • The Residential Market Sales by Price Point for April shows that the Residential volume in april had 92 transactions with $45,491,100 Gross Volume.  The most transactions in April were once again in the price range of $200K – $400K.  There were 38 Single Family Residential Sales, 54 Multi-Family Residential Sales and 11 Residential Vacant Land Sales in April.
  • The 2012 Average Price History report shows that the Average prices are still fairly flat for the quarter – The Single Family Residential average price was $735,008, the Multi-Family Residential average price is $361,315 and the Vacant Land Residential average price is $236,082.  We are seeing similar price averages to 2006.

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