Hiking Shrine Pass

A very popular hike lies at the top of Vail Pass.  A favorite for wildflower enthusiasts, Shrine Pass is short (only about 45 minutes to 1 hour to the summit), but a steady incline every step of the way.  It is considered an “Easy” hike – but remember that you are starting at around 11,000 feet.  So if you are from the “low lands”, just take it nice and slow….you will enjoy the wildflowers and the views all along the way.

At the summit, you will have a tremendous view of Mount Holy Cross.  It is a nice hike, but you will be enjoying it with probably 100 of your closest hiking buddies (ha!).

I recently enjoyed this hike with a group of friends from the Real Estate Industry here in Summit County.  I thought you might enjoy the beautiful flowers from along the trail!

Enjoy the pictures.

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