Happy May Day from Summit County!

As I write this, I am looking out my window watching another spring snow storm unfold. I’m smiling, because it brings back an incredibly fond memory for me. It was on this date, 14 years ago that my family drove up I-70 and started calling Summit County “home”. And on May 1, 1999, we also had a snowstorm. At the time I thought we must be crazy to move to a place that snowed in May – but we’ve never regretted that move! Our children have enjoyed outdoor activities 12 months of the year. If they aren’t hiking, biking, fishing, or sailing, they are skiing, hunting, sledding or just exploring the outdoors.

I will openly admit that I “tolerate” the month of May in Summit County. It has difficulty figuring out if it wants to snow, rain, or provide glorious days of sunshine to melt the snow away. Appropriately called the “Mud Season” – the month of May does have its benefits. Bikers eagerly await clear roads to get in that first ride of the season, hikers find somewhat dry trails to get in that first hike, and skiers take advantage of the heavy snow days to head to the Basin for what might (or might not) be their last run of the season. Locals enjoy 2-for-1 nights at many of the restaurats around the county. And local businesses often take a 1 or 2 week break during this slow time of the season.

Whatever your feelings about our Mud Season, it is fun to see that first wildflower peek through the snow. As for me, May is the teaser-month to my favorite time of year in the mountains – summer! Hiking and biking are the reasons I live here – and I’m counting down the days to do both.

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