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Delectable Dining in Frisco Colorado – Tavern West

I’m not a huge foodie.  I enjoy trying out new places to eat, but I don’t get super excited by restaurants – because food just isn’t my thing.  However, my husband and I recently discovered a restaurant in Frisco Colorado that I have fallen in love with.  It helps that they are very gluten-free friendly (as a Celiac, I have to be very cautious that gluten-free really is gluten-free).  At Tavern West,  every part of their menu is fantastic!  From the appetizers (you HAVE to try the tator tots!! – they do not say they are gluten free, because they don’t make them there – but I took a risk and tried them, and everything was A-OK), to the salads, to the main course (the cheesy potatoes are to die for) to the desserts are so great.  And their drink menu is wonderful as well.  I especially like the Shoofly Shiraz – but their cocktails are definitely worth a try.  And – they always have drink specials – so if you want a drink, but don’t want to pay the big bucks, then try out one of their specials.  It is a fun atmosphere and the service is fantastic.  If you haven’t tried out the Tavern West yet, be sure to give it a try….and, weekend dinners – I would recommend you get a reservation.

Gluten-Free Pizza in Frisco Colorado

I am not all about real estate.  I enjoy many other activities including hiking, skiing, biking, running – and having someone else make a meal for me!!

As many of you know, I have Celiac disease – which means that I cannot digest gluten.  As diseases go – it is actually not a bad one to have.  It requires no medication….just an adjustment to my diet.  My diet restricts gluten – and that means no wheat, barley or rye.

Sounds simple – but that isn’t always the case.  Barley is that little hidden ingredient found in many items.  And of course, we know that wheat flour is used for nearly all breads.  Eating at home is a piece of cake, but going out to eat can sometimes be a challenge.

One of my favorite foods is PIZZA!  And while I make a killer pizza at home, I still love to order out for a great pizza.  I recently found a fabulous pizza place with GF crusts in Frisco.  Peppino’s Pizza and Subs on Main Street makes a FABULOUS gluten-free crust.  Check out their website at:  Peppino’s Pizza & Subs.


Silverthorne’s Sunshine Cafe offers Gluten Free

The Sunshine Cafe in Silverthorne has always been one of my favorite local eateries.  I was thrilled to recently discover that their green chili is Gluten Free.  My favorite entree there is the Virgin Islands Enchiladas – with green chili.  Yum! Yum!!

Check out their menu here.

They are aware of gluten sensitivities.  My server also happened to be a Celiac – so she was fully aware of what I could and could not eat.

You don’t have to travel far in Summit County to find restaurants willing to cater to a gluten-free diet!

Mexican – Gluten Free in Summit County

I LOVE Mexican food!  As a Celiac, Mexican is usually the safe place to eat.  However, as anyone who has to eat gluten-free knows, you must beware of the sauces.  Hacienda Real in Frisco is a safe haven for Celiacs.  All of their sauces are made with corn starch.

My usual fare of 2 enchiladas (one beef, one cheese & onion) can be enjoyed with any of their sauces.  And the service at Hacienda Real is tremendous.

As most Summit County restaurants, they do not have a dedicated gluten-free kitchen – so if you are really sensitive to gluten, I would be cautios.  They do not have a gluten-free menu, but their wait staff can assist you with your order.

Hacienda Real is located in the strip mall between Safeway & WalMart in Frisco, Colorado.


Gluten-free Chinese in Summit County

When I was first diagnosed as a Celiac, I was shocked and completely bummed that Chinese food would be something I would have to monitor carefully when eating out.  Because I hated making a big deal about eating gluten-free, I stopped going to some of my favorite places.  But after about 1 year, I decided it was time to start investigating. 

China Gourmet in Silverthorne, Colorado was one of my favorite local Chinese restaurants pre-gluten-free.  One afternoon, after the lunch rush, I stopped down to visit with the owner, Henry, who knew our family “usuals” by heart.  He looked shocked to see me.  It had been over 1 year since I had been in.  I explained to him my new gluten-free diet and he replied with “No problem, I have several customers who have to eat gluten-free.”  A new world opened up to me.

Unfortunately, China Gourmet had a fire which gutted the interior of their historical building.  But they re-built and along with the new interior came a new Gluten-free menu! 

As with all of my recommendations, I will caution that this is NOT a gluten-free kitchen.  But Henry understands the importance of GF to those of us with Celiac or an intolerance.  I have never gotten sick after eating at China Gourmet. 

He continues to use a soy sauce that has gluten, but he makes a wonderful white garlic sauce that does not contain gluten.  And – he’ll do breaded chicken with cornstarch so I can have my sweet & sour chicken that I love.

So stop by China Gourmet in Silverthorne….just north of Target on Hwy 9 and Annie Road.  Everything is made fresh – and Henry and Hy will happily accomodate you!