A Hut Experience

Summit County and surrounding counties are home to some wonderful “hut” systems.  The word “hut” is a bit of a misnomer, since they are mostly beautiful log cabins.  But regardless, they offer a wonderful back-country experience that I highly recommend.

This weekend, my husband, Rick, and I joined our good friends in a cross-country ski trek to the 10th Mountain Hut.  Described as, “Nestled at timberline below the majestic peaks of the Colorado Continental Divide, 10th Mountain Division Hut forms a perfect destination for a single hut trip or ski-through using other nearby huts. In summer, dozens of hiking and cycling routes start or end just outside the door.”

For us, we stuck our skins on our cross-country skis and made the 4.4 mile, 1,445′ elevation gain from Crane Park to the hut.  Ok – let me be honest, we cut off around a mile (but not much elevation gain), by parking a bit closer to a small trail that connected to the main trail.

It took us around 3 1/2 hours to climb to the hut.  And then we were treated an amazing weekend of being totally disconnected, heat via the wood-burning stove, an out-house that was just a bit chilly, and the opportunity to meet fellow skiers who enjoy the back-country probably even more than we do.

This hut is a haven for the AT skiers.  As for me and Rick, we stuck to just trekking around on our x-country skis and enjoying the scenery.

If you are looking for a new experience, try out hiking, skiing, or snowshoeing to a hut.  It is truly a wonderful experience!!

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